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Win $10

iModel is a fun Modeling Photo Contest with cash prizes.

Each winning photo has TWO winners: the model and the photographer.

Both the model and photographer of the winning photo each receive $10!

Even if you don't win the cash prizes, iModel can help you double your Instagram following at no cost to you.

Coming Soon: Bigger Prizes

As our sponsorship grows so will our prizes.

iPhone MacBook

Seeking Photographer Sponsors

Talented photographers can showcase their talents on the Need a Photographer? page by sponsoring iModel.

Sponsorship Fees
#of sponsors sponsorship fees
1-99 free
100-199 $5.99
200-299 $7.99
300-399 $9.99
400 + $14.99

Sponsors also help select the winning photos.

And sponsors can enter up to 18 photos into the contest.

Sponsoring 18 Models: 324 Model Photos

Each sponsor (photographer) may select to sponsor 18 models, turning them into marketing ambassadors.

By being sponsored, each sponsored model can enter up to 18 photos into the contest for a total of 324 model uploaded photos.

The photographer is cross-promoted as Sponsored by Photographer on the model's profile page:

Vote For Me at

Only one sponsor per model.

The sponsored models must be from the photographer's photo credits of their uploaded contest photos.

Selecting The Winning Photos

Several steps are taken to select the winning photo.

First iModel tracks and examines the voting patterns of individual voters, removing all suspicious votes and voters.

To select the winning photo, the top 100 voted on photos are placed within a special voting gallery, allowing the sponsors (photographers) to select the winning photo by voting for their favorite ten photos.

The photo with the most sponsor votes wins: $10 for the model, $10 for the photographer (paid through PayPal: must have PayPal), plus bragging rights.

Contests will be held on a monthly basis.

Quality First

To maintain a quality experience for our visitors (voters), low rated photos will not be displayed to the public.

To insure your photos are display to the most people possible, link your social sites to your profile page allowing your followers to VOTE ON ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS:

Any Suggestions?

iModel is built for showcasing the talents of the best models and photographers.

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